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Warts are a common problem confronted by all dermatologists and many patients. There is no guarantee warts will resolve with treatment, regardless of the type or number of treatments tried. It is not possible for us to simply ‘remove’ warts as they are caused by a persistent virus. Our top priority is the best interest of the patient and sometimes this means advising against treatment that may be painful, especially for children. If the decision is made to proceed with in-office treatment procedural charges will apply. Call our billing department prior to your appointment if you have questions about what charges your insurance company might ask you to bear based on your plan.

Please see above paragraph on warts as all the same considerations apply. Molluscum eventually goes away without treatment and most often our suggested approach involves letting them run their course without treatment.

Skin cancer screening examinations are a top priority in our office. Here are some FAQs to review prior to your visit:

  • What should I wear? While it is ultimately your choice, you will be encouraged to remove clothing except underwear. Women will be asked to remove bras. Patients will be provided with modesty drapes and vests when applicable. When possible please remove nail polish and make-up.
  • Why shouldn’t I ask about my other skin concerns (e.g. rash, warts, hairloss, nail fungus, acne, etc) during my screening examination? Our priority during a screening examination is to focus on looking for signs of skin cancer and educating our patients about the same. The attention of your dermatologist is diverted away from the top priority if you bring up unrelated skin concerns. This may lead to missed or misunderstood diagnoses. Please schedule a separate appointment to discuss concerns unrelated to your screening examination.
  • When should I start coming in for screening examinations? There is no set answer that applies to all patients. We are always happy to see patients at any point in life for a screening exam and will make recommendations for future screening based on individual risk factors. You should definitely consider a screening exam if: you have skin that burns easily, blue eyes, family members with skin cancer, past or current tanning bed use, past or current regular sun exposure, lots of moles or freckles.
  • What if I need a biopsy? Biopsies are generally quite simple and quick. Most patients report very little, if any, discomfort during a biopsy and are pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process. When at all possible we perform biopsy(ies) at the time of initial screening.

As dermatologists we are well suited to remove or treat many bothersome skin bumps and growths. When possible and uncomplicated we will remove such lesions at the time of evaluation. Please be advised that procedural charges will apply and if removal is not medically necessary the charges will be the responsibility of the patient. Please inquire at the time of your appointment about the expected charges.

We may refer you to general or plastic surgery for excision of cysts and it is very unlikely a cyst will be removed at your first visit. These lumps, while they seem simple, can be more problematic to completely remove that one might expect. Our recommendations for management of any given cyst will depend on multiple factors. We are unable to make recommendations about cysts without first evaluating the site.

Education Resources

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Knowledge is empowering but it is vital to choose your resources for education carefully. We consider the following websites to contain generally helpful information for patients and parents.